I find it amazing that every time human beings make mistakes they either blame another human being or they blame God.

One of the greatest gifts that God gave to humans is the ability to make choices, we have been given free will to make what we want of our lives choose the paths of good or evil, determine the kind of life we want; whether it is a good or bad, we can decide to be great humanitarian or not.

The reasons why I choose this subject is primarily because I am sick and tired of people not taking responsibility for their actions.  For example, you live in a two bedroom accommodation you know that you have limited space yet you choose to have 6 children in that small environment and them blame, God, the Local council and just about everyone except yourself.

Logic would say to anyone with an ounce of sense that I cannot bring this amount of children in the world when I do not have the means to ensure that they are raised in an environment that his adequate.  But to choose to continue having one child after another without even considering the consequences of your action is foolhardy and downright stupid.

The century that we live in gives us the ability to determine the number of children that we can well afford.  We can decide whether we want one or as many as we can afford and the operative word is afforded.  Why should women keep having these children they cannot afford and expect the state and all those working people to contribute to their delinquent behaviour.

I am not suggesting that God does not step in when we make our mistakes

,but we have to humble ourselves before him and ask for his help, guidance and sympathy.  Yet there are those who say they do not believe in God because when they do the lotto God did not make them win.  Do you people really believe that God has nothing better to do but to wait for them to play the lotto and make sure they win.

Human beings are our own worst enemy, we do not seem to have the ability to co-exist, then to believe that killing each other is the only way; we tend to believe that war is the answer to all our problems and most of all we fail to take responsibility for our counterproductive actions.

We seem to forget that there are two forces in the universe, on one hand there is God and on the other hand there is the Devil.  We have to recognise that the devil only job is to create chaos, he not there to oversee peace, he wants war and if you are not connected to or have your anchor firmly on God the Devil will play you for all it is worth.  Despite the devil’s behaviour we still have free will to make effective choices in our lives and stop blaming the creator for our infantile problems.