As the Israeli pounded the Gaza strip killing several Palestinians, who will the world blamed for this latest atrocity, the Israeli or the Palestinians

Already there are demonstrations at the Israeli embassy in London in support of the Palestinians and no doubt this will escalate in the days to come.  It is obvious that the US will back Israel in this conflict as they believe that the Israelis have every right to defend their people and territory.

How many more lives must be lost before the West intervene, obviously Hamas is not going to back down and so long as we have some countries backing Israel and other supporting Hamas then, this conflict is destine to see the lives of many people most likely the Palestinians lost.

This tat for tat situation as now threatened the Middle East with yet another war and although Hamas may have upgraded their military weapons they are still not any match for the Israeli and as they launched rockets at Israel and the Israeli retaliates the innocent men women and children will be caught in the crossfire and they are the ones that will suffer.

In my opinion we are now experiencing a meltdown of our planet whereby, although this may start out as both nations facing off at each other it will, if there is no UN intervention, escalates into a massive war which will involve other Muslim countries and if that happens then the west will have no choice but to join the Israeli and we could be looking at World War 3.

By Sandrea: My Opinion