By Sandrea:– My Opinion

The British  newspapers as shown great restraint in not publishing the allege nude pictures of Prince Harry in Las Vegas.

Whether a person is born privilege or of Royal descent everyone is entitled to some modicum of privacy and irrespective of the fact that Prince Harry is a member of the Royal family should not preclude him from having a private life and being subjected to sensationalistic journalistic intrusion is totally unacceptable. 

It is understandable that these individuals will no doubt say that because of who he his he should be aware that his every movement is watched and chronicled and he knew that, however the fact the he is first and foremost a human being should take precedence over that and as a civilised society we ought to know that everyone should be allowed to be silly even if they are a prince.

The picture floating around the internet is disgraceful, represent a gross intrusion into a young man’s personal life and definitely unbecoming of any information gather group.

There is something fundamentally wrong with society if newspapers , magazine and other media forum believe that the general population have nothing better to do than to waste precious time viewing pictures of some in the nude it really does not matter who they are or how priviledge, furthermore he did nothing that was immoral or wrong. This is the 21st century and none of this behaviour do not have a shock impact on the public anymore they are more concerned with the other serious problems that is facing our planet.

Millions of people are dying every day from starvation and the people of Syria are fighting for their lives, liberty and their home and we should be focusing our attention on trying to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian problem instead of wasting time spying on Prince Harry, he’s a young man let him have is fun.