By Sandrea:– My Opinion

Media reports have suggested that Ecuador President Rafael Correa believes that his country and the UK has overcome their diplomatic problems, in that Britain have withdrawn the threat to enter its embassy to arrest Julian Assange.

If in fact the UK threat is no longer there the question now is what is their stance on Assange are they prepared to honour the asylum given by Ecuador and allow Assange to leave the country or are they still willing to arrest him should he leaves the confines of the Ecuadorian Embassy.

It is obvious that the Ecuadorian authority believes that the charges in Sweden against Assange are frivolous and without merit, they have made it clear that those charges would not be crimes in 90 to 95 percent of the planet.  Given the fact that the Ecuadorian authority believes this, how can there be any kind of negotiations with regards to Assange ever going to Sweden to face said charges.

The UK in my opinion handle the embassy situation poorly, they made threats against the sanctity of a foreign embassy which clearly violates international protocol and in fact isolate the UK as the 34 member organisation of American States declares ‘solidarity and support’ for Ecuador, rejecting any attempt that might put at risk the inviolability of the premises of diplomatic missions.

The threat of invasion to the Ecuador embassy by the UK was juvenile and infantile and unbecoming  of a democratic society and now they look rather stupid.  If Britain is to regain any credibility they should  not prevent Julian Assange to leave the embassy, let him go into oblivion and bring this unhappy saga to a final conclusion.