When tragedy strikes human need answers.  Wade Michael Page 40 years old arise on the 5th of August 2012, no one knew what was in his mind but before the day was over he entered a Sikh temple during Sunday service and opened fire with a 9mm pistol and six people died, he then according to media report killed himself after being shot by the police.

With the gunman dead the reasons are gone as to why he decided to commit such an atrocity. Human beings cannot abide not knowing why, there is this desire to need explanation for any kind of conflict that is bestowed upon us.  The relatives of the dead and injured feel cheated as Michael Page is not around to give them closure to his actions and that is a dilemma that human beings is unable to cope with.

Unlike the Colorado theatre killer of 12 people, he is still around, the family of the dead believe they will eventually enter a courtroom and in there they will be given the answers, they will know why they lose their love ones, they will find out why James Holmes decides to commit the slaughter of so many.  They will have what they believe is the satisfaction of seeing him either going to prison for the rest of his life or if the prosecutors seek the death penalty then he may be given death.  Family members will leave the court house believing that justice has been done and although they cannot bring their love ones back they will move on with their lives in the knowledge that the person responsible for their grief got what he deserved.

The Sikh temple survivors is not that lucky they know their love ones are dead yet they have no answers, all they have is speculation and innuendoes.  They know that Michael Wade spends time in the army they know he was discharged from the service in 1998.  They are bombarded with information that he was a white supremacist who frequently post hate mail on a skin head blog, and that he may be a racist.

Irrespective of how much investigation is undertaken all we will get is speculation as to why he chose to attack total strangers. The fact that he has few relatives, thin criminal record and hardly any work history is going to make the task of the investigators that much more difficult to put together a biography of the so-called temple murderer.

No matter how long the investigation lasts the final conclusion will leave the  victims with the same anguish filled questions, why.  The realization that we encounter twisted and warp minds year after years, but the biggest hindrance to acceptance is not knowing and human nature demands answers.