On Thursday 23 June 2016 the majority of people within the United Kingdom decided to use their vote to leave the European Community.

It would appear that from all of the problems that has since arisen, there are many people who believe that they would have voted differently had, they were better informed as to the consequences of the UK leaving the EC.

I find it rather infantile that people are still using immigration as a bargaining tool to get individual so riled up that they do not consider their actions because hatred taken over their entire lives.

The vast majority of work that individuals from the EC coming into the UK to do is jobs that many British people refuse from doing, they see themselves above cleaning toilets, early morning cleaning of office buildings, sweeping the street, and all the so called menial task that is necessary in order for us to function as a community.  So why when other people who sees work as work regardless of what that job entails undertake those jobs suddenly they are seen as leeching off the system.

We never seem to talk about the UK citizens who are working and living in other people’s country, they do not seem to matter, but the narrow-minded people in the UK seem to always blame everyone except themselves for whatever woes are bestowed upon them.

For many years they blame immigrants from the Caribbean, forgetting that after the 2nd World war this country was begging people that they believe were part of the Commonwealth to come into the UK and help to build back the country from the ruin that it was in.

There is testament to the contributions that individuals from Commonwealth countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Grenada, St Lucia, Dominica and the list goes on and on.  Then there are the people from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Singapore who have contributed effectively in rebuilding this country and even in the 21st Century they are still not being given the recognition that should be attributed.

The consequence of us leaving the EC may not be felt within the next year, but it will be devastating to this country and for all those that are saying ‘we have our country back’ sooner rather than later the effect of what occur on that day will be met and then it will be too late.

No country can stand alone and if one tries to do so they will eventually fall, we are in for very high unemployment, the pound will continue to lose its standing in the world market, and behind all of that our economy is going down the drain.

Why would a Prime Minister that was given a mandate by the people of this country decide to resign and give over his reign to someone who was not given any kind of mandate by the people.  I am sure that the PM is not stupid and he must be aware of the consequences of that vote and I agree with him to leave the ship because it will sink.  Why stay as captain of a ship that is leaving toward sinking.

How can it be fair that we are going to inherit a PM who will lead us out of Europe and yet he was not given any mandate by the British people and how can that be called democracy.