For those that have campaigned tirelessly for the death penalty to be abolished in all remaining US states, there must be a sense of achievement that Maryland have decided to go ahead and abolish this inhuman form of punishment.

In my opinion the death penalty never serves the purpose that it sets out to achieve, it never acts as a deterrent and therefore is should  be abolished in any country that still have this archaic method of punishing individual for the crimes they commit.

There is no doubt that human beings are capable of inflicting heinous and diabolic crimes against each other and they must be punished, but the fact that an individual is convicted of, for example murder executing them is not going to bring back those that they have murdered and the authority that punish these individuals should not be dragging themselves down to the levels of these perpetrators.

I believe that when an individual commits a criminal act such as murder they should be tried convicted and send to prison for the rest of their natural life without any chance of being paroled, they should lose their freedom forever and every day they live in the small confines of their prison cell they will reflect on the counterproductive action that they have taken that landed them in prison.

According to media report is as been suggested that the governor in Maryland, said in a statement that  “evidence shows that the death penalty is not a deterrent, it cannot be administered without racial bias and it costs three times as much as life in prison without parole,”  A sentiment that I would agree wholeheartedly with the governor.

There is also reports that 60% of the citizen of Maryland do not agree with abolishing the death penalty, but most of those that support this form of punishment do so because, in my opinion, they believe in the ‘eye for an eye’ justice  and fail to see the bigger picture.

It does not take Einstein to figure out that over the course of the history of the death penalty there have been innocent people that have been put to death on faulty and inaccurate evidence and when the truth eventually emerge there is no way to bring those individuals back and put right the wrong that was done to them.

The innocence project in the US has gotten off a number of people that were wrongly accused and without them and their tireless work to free those wrongly convicted many more innocent people could have been put to death because of flawed information.

Let us take this opportunity to congratulate Maryland on their forward thinking decision and hope that all the other US states currently using the death penalty will come to their senses and abolish it, lets hope the 21st Century will see this out-dated method of punishment gone from our society for good.

By Sandrea: My Opinion