The British university student that was facing trial and possible imprisonment in the US, won his fight against extradition.

In what the media is suggesting that they believed to be a legal first, Richard O’Dwyer 24 will travel to the US voluntarily and pay a small sum in compensation.

If a UK citizen is alleged to commit copyright infringements why can they not be tried in their host country rather than be extradited to another country to face that country’s justice system.

There is no doubt that computer hacking and copyright infringement cost the industry millions in lost revenue, but the UK should have effective laws to deal with anyone involve in these criminal activities even if the individual break the laws of another country, if breaking of that country’s law happen in the UK, they should face the British justice system.

The decision arrived at in this case and the campaign of Mr O’Dwyer supporters should be an indication that not all so-called criminal act warrant extradition.

Extradition should be used if a UK citizen commits a crime in another country then flee the jurisdiction of that country back to the UK in order to avoid prosecution for the crime, and if it can be substantiated that a crime was committed the UK should then extradite those individuals, if a request is made for them to do so, to face that country’s justice system.

By Sandrea: My Opinion