The recent report that almost half of those arrested in the UK for criminal offenses are foreign nationals will give cause for concern, but we should recognise that the security service is clamping down on these individuals.

It has been alleged the at least 1,400 foreign suspects are deemed high harm offenders and that half of those arrested comes from the European Union and others from countries such as India, Jamaica and Somalia.

There seems to be a notion that the criminal elements from other countries believe that the UK is a soft target and that they are able to get away with their criminal activities.  This could not be further from the truth as the UK security services are demonstrating that they are not prepared to allow foreign or domestic criminal elements to rule or run riot in the country.

I believe that it is impressive that since the five weeks  that Operation Nexus was launched the Metropolitan arrested a total of 25,968 people, of whom 6,988 were identified as foreign nationals.

Security services are always being dumped on for not making the country safer, for not doing their part to ensure that criminal elements are targeted, identified and arrested, so it gives us a sense of relief when statistics such as these are made public in order that the citizens recognized that they are indeed doing everything in their powers to rid the country of these individuals.

In todays climate when more and more borders are coming down and people have the ability to travel to and from, especially EU countries there stands to reason that we are going to inherit some elements of criminal activities however, the fact that we are assured that the UK security service is working overtime to ensure that they are not rooted in the country should be a great thump up for the services.

What the figures also demonstrated is that of the thousands of individuals that arrived in the UK and stay in the country only a small proportion of those are categorised as criminal elements and we should not tarnish every foreign national that work and live in the UK with the same brush.

When we see figures like those that have been published there is a tendency to believe that all individuals of foreign nationality are of criminal minds and we should refrain from these character assassinations and praise the security services for finding those involved with criminality and ensuring that they are effectively dealt with.


By Sandrea: My Opinion