Following the European referendum results a week ago, this seems to leave the UK political parties in total disarray.

Firstly, David Cameron gave an emotional speech announcing his resignation as Prime Minister.  This will take effect in October that as triggered a number of Conservative MP to begin the process to become leader and Prime Minister.

How can we accept that an individual that has not been given any mandate to be Prime Minister will be the individual who will effectively take the UK out of the European Union?  I was under the impression that we have democracy and that we always adhere to our democratic procedures. However, it would appear that democracy in the British political arena is only used when it suits whatever political party that is governing the country.

On the other hand, when the country needs a strong opposition to fight for the rights of the electorate, what we have is a disarray Labour political party.  The internal fighting within the party is ripping the life out of the Labour party.  There seems to be a lack of confidence by the members of the party were Jeremy Corbyn is concerned so much so that they want him ousted.

Jeremy Corbyn won convincingly the leadership vote back in September 2015.  Less than one year later they are calling for him to step down from the leadership of the party.  There is no way in which any individual can be effective in their job if the majority of people they depend on to help them effectively do their task, is against them or have no confidence in their ability to carry on with the job.

It is in Jeremy’s interest to step down and let someone else lead the party.  If he cares about this country and the electorate he would not prolong the agony of trying to hang on to power when clearly the vast majority of his fellow men just simply want him to exit, just like how the UK exit the European Community.

In my opinion, a political party needs strong and effective leaders and most importantly a leader that is not afraid to tell the general public the truth.  There is no way that anyone can deny that there are not circumstances where a Government or a leader to have to be economical with the truth in order to save lives.  But the majority of times they can tell the electorate the truth and let us decide from a democratic point of view.

How much longer is the political parties of the UK willing to rip the country apart.  We are out of the European Community and the backlash as already started.  It has been reported that a Singapore bank has halted mortgage lending.  This is just the beginning of what we can expect.

The frustrating thing about all of this is that the very people who voted to come out of the EC are those that are going to suffer the most.  There narrow-minded and idiotic believes, as created an atmosphere of discord not just among the British people but far afield.

This country needs to be healed and it cannot be accomplished if the political parties do not get their house in order.  So I would appeal to Jeremy Corbyn to take a bow and exit the leadership of the Labour Party and let us begin the process of appointing someone who can once again united the country and its people.