There is no surprise among UK voters that the conservative party was beaten into third place in the last by-election.

Politics is about trust, who you really believe is the most honest of the representing parties to have the voters best interest at heart, will undertake their responsibilities with integrity and dignity.  There is no doubt that the majority of the British electorate have no confidence or trust in the conservative party and although the Liberal Democrat is in coalition with them the voters choose to strengthen the LibDem rather than vote conservative.

As been reported in the media the Prime Minister states he was “confident” the Conservatives could win back support at the next general election, due in 2015, and rejected suggestions that the party would lurch to the right in response.

One can only assume that the conservative party and its leader are not seeing the writing on the wall for not only the coalition but the conservative party.  The voters of the UK is in no mood to vote these individuals back into power come 2015, the country is in a mess, our economy, social programmes, and poverty have all increased under this government.

The most frustrating aspects of this coalition is what they have done to the disabled and the most fragile in our society and to believe that after all of their unsocial deeds that the voters will re-elect them for another five years, beggar belief.


By Sandrea: My Opinion