Following media reports regarding the arrest of the former Sunday Mirror editor Tina Weaver and three other executives from the Mirror Group on what is alleged as the suspicion of phone hacking, is there any end in sight to this saga.

According to the reports an insider gave the police information relating to criminal activities and Scotland Yard have obtained other pertinent information which include emails between former Mirror group executives.

There is a principle in society that state that ‘whatever lies in the dark will eventually emerge in the light’.  The individuals involved in this phone hacking scandal are some of the most or former placed people in society, those with the ability to create and shape destiny.

It is rather difficult to understand why these individuals chose to compromise their integrity and dignity.  I suppose that when anyone put themselves above the law not only do they believe that they become invincible but they also convince themselves that irrespective of what emerge they will not be held accountable for their counterproductive actions.

If one was to make a judgement I am of the opinion that these journalist that have been arrested would no doubt state that they were under tremendous pressure to find effective and headline grabbing news report and therefore they cannot see that hacking into people’s voicemail and mobile conversation violate the most basic of human decency.

The actions of these individuals as seen the destruction of a 150 year old newspaper and destroy the reputation of so many more and the domino effect continues and now it has infected another popular news media group, and as a member of the concern public I ask when will it end, and can this media group survive this scandal.

This crisis has tainted the world of journalism and cast aspersion on those hard working journalists whose only wish is to report the news honestly and accurately and it will take another decade for the public to regain the trust they once have in our journalist.

By Sandrea: My Opinion