Following the recent media report that Britain’s children will be living below the breadline by 2015, does not come as no surprise to the millions of people already caught in the poverty trap.

The vast majority of household living in poverty does not need any report to confirm the nightmare that both their children and they are experiencing every single day, and there is no end in sight to their dilemma.

The overwhelming fact is that when you have a government that it representatives were born into wealth, rear in affluence has no idea what it is like to go without the basic needs then how can you expect them to create policies that benefits the majority of the poor in their communities.

This is not just a damming indictment of a so-called civilized society that almost 7.1 million of the nation’s 13 million youngsters will be in homes with incomes judged to be less than the minimum necessary for a decent standard of living, and that majority of the next generation who will be in line to shape our society will be living in families that are struggling below the bread line.

We will continue to have these kind of situation as a nation until we stop electing individuals that do not have a clue how the real world operate.  How can an individual that was born and raised in a 5 bedroom house ever understand what it is like to be born and raised in 2 bedroom with four or five other siblings, there is no comparison.

Electing those individuals as our representatives are giving them the power to destroy our lives and the fabric of society, how can a slim person ever understand what an overweight person experience on a daily basis and that is the same analogy that goes with today’s politician, most are born with silver spoon how can they ever understand what poverty is about.

I hope this report will make the citizens of the UK wake up to the realization that the Conservative, in fact this coalition government do not have a clue how to effectively manage the country and that all that they have done since they came to power is to find ways to decimate the benefit system, shatter economy, so called austerity cuts and all the ineffective mistakes that this government make there is no wonder that 7 out of ten people believe they have no idea the financial strain that we are living with.

Let us hope by the 2015 election the people will choose their representatives wisely and I hope that the next set of representatives that we elect will be able to bring this country back to civilization, and ensure that we have effective policies that will not only lift our children and their families out of the poverty, economic policies that benefit all sections of our communities, and not policies that favour the already affluent at the expense of those steep in poverty.

By Sandrea: My Opinion