I find it absolutely amazing that people are commenting on the fact that Tina Turner decide to wear green for her wedding.

This is the twenty first century and people are not about to continue this so-called tradition of wearing a white dress for their wedding.  One needs to understand the concept of why the white wedding dress was used as the traditional gown for a bride.  It was suppose to depict purity within the bride and a statement to the world that the bride was pure.

In my opinion, that is such a laughable concept these days as most brides today are already either living with their prospective husbands, has a few children and therefore wearing white gown surely defeats the object.

As far as I am concern Tina Turner, one of my favourite entertainer, can wear what she choose to her wedding and I must say she look rather stunning in her choice of wedding dress, there is not a lot of people that can look like that at the age of 73, and I salute the lady, not just for being a musical icon but that she still has the ability to look amazing at her age.

By Sandrea: My Opinion