By Sandrea: My Opinion

The stance that France is adopting in that they are willing to deport any Islamic troublemakers may be a harsh but no doubt it will eventually be a  process that will be adopted by western society.

Saying that the meek shall inherit the Earth do not translate in only Jews, Muslims, or Christians having the right to inhabit this planet.  Equally it does not mean that any religion should provoke another into anger as that is not right.

Muslim and proponents of the Islamic faith need to understand that every religion and religious beliefs come, not just under scrutiny but is being mocked and jeered at, and have their prophets been made into satirical jokes.  That is however, no reason for anyone to promote violence as religion can withstand any mockery and the faith of the believers must be such that violence is never seen as a defence.

I was totally against the anti-Islam film, not because it mock the Prophet Mohammed, but because it was a badly made depiction of the Islamic faith and borders on stupidity.  However, the aftermath of this badly made film causes the death of over thirty people and in a civilised society there is no way in which actions like the ones seen around the world is justified.

It is time that Muslims realise that they are not the only people that occupy this planet and as such they are expected to behave in a manner that depicts a civilised and decent society and not one that makes it appear as if we are still residing in the dark ages.

As a Christian I have to put up with individuals questioning and mocking God, that does not make me want to go out and murder them as my faith let me know that God is big enough and have the capability of taking care of himself and I am told to leave all vengeance to him and not take it upon myself to mete out punishment to those who insult his name.

There is no excuse for the kind of atrocities that we have endured and seen happening as far afield as Australia to ever occur.   Religion should have evolved into peace, love, unity, tolerance and respect and when we fail to those things then we will forever encounter the chaos and mayhem as displayed around the globe.

I am of the opinion that the Islamic faith has a right to practice their religious beliefs whether they do so in a traditional or modern manner is entirely up to them.  What I do not agree with is that every time that someone poke fun at the prophet Mohammed they are willing to commit murder, the spiritual Prophet Mohammed can tolerate anything that is thrown at him and if he was walking amongst us today he would be the first to despise violence and his followers should adopt the same.

All religion has had some kind of persecution throughout history and we are now in the 21st Century and it is time we behave as such.

France may be the first to go down the road of deporting those that seek to destroy the country because of their religious beliefs but sooner or later other European countries is going to do the same and we most probable see individuals that have established themselves in those countries been sent back to areas that they have long since left, but if that is what it is going to take to get people to discuss their problems rather that resort to violence then unfortunately I cannot but agree with France taking this stance.