By Sandrea:- My Opinion

From the 7 – 10 August 2011 London saw the worst riot the capital experience, hooligans took to the streets and caused destruction and mayhem and according to news report they have been released early.

Just over a year after the riots is as been reported that around one in five rioters jailed for the summer rampage have been tagged and let out of prison early. 

It is understandable that the prison system is bursting at the seams and the government is trying to find ways in which to alleviate the pressures on the system and whilst I agree that so-called low level prisoners should be released on supervised parole I am concerned that the rioting individuals have not learned their lesson and will likely re-offend again.

Society has an obligation to the public to ensure that they are safe and no one would disagree that people have the rights to demonstrate when they believe that the authority have overstepped their mark and an injustice as occur however, when demonstration becomes looting, destruction of private property, burning historical building it is no longer a demonstration but hooliganism at its worst.  What was seen in London just over a year ago was not demonstrative but a blatant disregard for people and property.

The rioters that were convicted and sentenced should have served the whole of their term, they should be made to understand that society will not tolerate their bad behavior and should they decide to behave in a manner counter productive to our communities they do the crime they will do the time.

If the stats are to believe of the 1,292 given prison sentences of which there were 162 burglars, 44 thieves and 26 violent offenders they were released early and this is not an action by the authority that said we are protecting society, which is a sad affair as these individuals would not have learned anything apart from the fact that they can commit a crime and get a slap on the wrist, go figure.