There is a myth in society that we are all equal under the law regardless of what and who we are, and that is a pipe dream.

History has demonstrated time after time that in most cases where affluent people are involved they tend to get a slap on the wrist and told ‘do not do that again’, or told simply that they are naughty, but if the same circumstances occur within a poor family the likelihood is that they will find themselves in prison and end up with a criminal record.

The incident that as been reported in the media regarding the Nigella Lawson’s fiasco, most likely if the same incident happens with a not so affluent individual a caution would be the last thing that would be given to that individual.  The mere fact that an individual admitted that they indeed commit an assault on another human being is enough grounds, in my opinion of that person to be charged and the courts should determine what punishment needed to fit the crime.

I can only agree with the comments that this case is a classic example of one law for the rich and one for the rest of us.  Although we are aware that this occurs, it still leaves a very bad taste in the mouth when it is documented in the media.  It just acts as yet another reminder of how unfair and unjust society is and so long as you have what it takes then clearly you are above the law.

Laws are created in order for human beings to act in a humane way, to be decent and a method in which we are held accountable for our counterproductive actions.  However, when it is seen to be flouted by those who are either in high office are very affluent then it makes a complete mockery of what is suppose to be a civilized society and a break down of our morals and integrity and quite frankly set our society back into the dark ages.

For the authority to give an affluent person a caution for assaulting another, then the message that they are sending to the rest of us is that if you are in a certain section of our society then you can do just about what you want including violence and we will just sweep it under the rug because you are wealthy, disgraceful, diabolic and downright farcical.

Society has come a long way in recognizing that domestic violence is an abominable act, and have enact legislations in order to deal with those that chose to use such violence against another, so it becomes disgraceful when a case of domestic violence can be treated with such distaste.  I can only imagine that individuals serving prison sentence for domestic violence must be appalled at this decision as I imagine many of the British public will be.

By Sandrea: My Opinion