Media report states that gunmen dressed as soldiers have killed ten people in a Nigerian pub.

Over the last few months Nigeria has experienced a spate of violence which is alleged to be of a religious nature and it has left several people wounded or dead.

A suicide car bomb attack on a church leaves 10 dead and 145 wounded, 20 people shot dead outside a Nigerian mosque, bomb attack kills three at a Nigerian beer garden, a car bomb explodes near a busy roadway killing 38 people.

As this unnecessary violence between Christian and Muslim continues and the body count goes up, who do these factions believe that they are serving when they undertake these senseless slaughter of each other all in the name of religion.

The fanatical aspects of religion that believe that they have the right to destroy life and property of those who do not believe or worship in their faith, is living under some false illusions if they believe that the atrocities that they are committing is doing them or their religion any favours.

People who use religious beliefs to commit atrocities is not acting in the name of the religion they are self centered individuals that believe if others do not succumb to their way of thinking then they have every right to cause them chaos and mayhem, they are certainly not acting in the spirit of religious beliefs.


By Sandrea: My opinion