The hosting of the Olympics games as has taken four years to prepare, we have seen cost rocketed, innuendoes about the UK abilities to hold such a prestigious event and all the hype and rumors regarding the possibility of a terrorist action against the games.

British citizens, especially Londoners have a sense of pride in the way in which the games are going.  Packed stadium and atmosphere of euphoria and elation as every athlete irrespective of which country they are representing are given the encouragement and welcome by a British crowd proud of our achievements.

Watching Andy Murray take the gold in tennis, Usain Bolt, Jamaican thundering is way into the history books, the American making their country proud and every other athlete representing all the country present with pride and dignity makes us rejoice.  This event regardless of what have been said about the UK have united the country in ways that have not been seen since the 2nd World war

It is however understandable that the UK basked in the Olympics euphoria there are other parts of the world suffering.  The ongoing crisis in Syria, the constant slaughtering of innocent people in Iraq and the threat of war between Israel and Iran.

Whether the Olympics games have overshadow and masked the problems facing the country as not dampening the spirit of the citizens.  In a month where we have seen the first anniversary of the worst riots that London seen for a very long time, the unresolved death of a father of 4  killed during the riots, there is still optimism that by the closing ceremony of the Olympic games on Sunday Londoners and the country as a whole will maintain their dignity and frustration as to the economic problem that is plaguing the country.  Post Olympic games will however  be something that we are not looking forward to.

There will be glee in some corners that the proposed reform of the ‘House of Lords’ has been shelved and that should see a number of people breathe a sigh of relief, as the dismantling of a 400 year organization was never going to be a walk over.