There are 7 billion people on this planet of which there are 1.3 billion blacks, 1.5 billion whites, as is the Chinese, and Indians and others that make up the human race.

It is rather frustrating that whenever time an incident occur, whether it is a terrorist act, or a criminal activity, there are those who believe that everyone in that group perpetrated the same atrocity.

Blacks are categorized as drug dealers, single parents and draining the resources of the welfare system. Muslims must all be terrorist that is committing suicide bombings.

There are 2.1 billion Muslims around the world and if everyone of them was undertaken terrorist activities this planet would be in total chaos, if Blacks were draining the resources of the welfare system that system would have collapsed.

Our differences should be a positive thing, the fact that we do not all dress the same way, eat the same food, reside in the same kind of houses, speak the same language, or worship in the same manner is in my belief, what make us such an interesting and fascinating species.

If we put away our bigotry, and begin the process of learning from each other, find the best of what we each have to offer, this planet would be an ideal place to inhabit, instead we detest anything that is different, we find ways to inflict atrocities on each other and the planet is bursting at the seams with all the negative things that we have not just inflicted on each other but on the planet.

We need to get things into perspective and stop this human character assassination of another because we feel the need to attribute blame whenever there is any kind of crisis.

It would be naive to believe that there are not some fanatical aspects within every group on earth, of course there are Muslims that commit atrocities, so are Blacks, White, Indian, Chinese, you name the race or the culture and you will find anti-social behaviour in each of that group.

Although there are seven billion people inhabiting this small space we have different traditions, religious beliefs, and cultures that date back many centuries and because of those differences we are in my opinion a unique species in our solar system.

There is no doubt that there are those that believe they have the right to occupy the earth and other groups that are not in agreement with their way of life or their cultural activity should be annihilated, and that is the bigotry that is causing so much war and terrorist activities on our planet.

With our population, by 2050 set to grow by another billion or so, we better start thing of ways in which to occupy the limited space that we have effectively, we need to unite and weed out those that are hell-bent on creating mayhem.  If we continue down this road of attributing blame rather than find solutions to our problems we are dooming this planet and its inhabitants to extinction.


By Sandrea: My Opinion