I am rather amazed as to why a whole generation of children is absolutely lost, what reasons can society attribute to this.

Somehow I am of the opinion that parents, schools, church and the whole gamut of society as created an environment which as allowed an entire generation of the individuals that are supposed to be the future leaders and innovators going into a new century, lost.

I have seen the manner in which these children behave as they have no sense of pride, dignity, self-worth and above all they treat adults with such disrespect.  Their behaviour on the streets are nothing short of unbelievable and in particular the girls they are acting in the most destructive manner more so than the boys.

There is no doubt that peer pressure is one of the reasons why these children are behaving in this destructive way and the fact that they are no longer this great family structure that use to gel the family unit is another contributory factor.  Unfortunately, technology has taken over where parenting used to be the focal point and it is easier to say, as parent, leave them with their mobile, tablet, game console and the so called freedom to do what they want.

I am concerned that if we do not go back to some of the old ways in which we use to raise our children, then we are going to constantly see them end up in jail, dead, or become a complete menace to society.