Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. St. John 15 verse 13.  The Bible recognizes the importance of friendship and to ensure that we understand how powerful this is why it is documented in the holy book.

However, what happen when your friends deceive you and let you down, how can you cope with such situation and what can you do to come back from the brink of treachery.

Friendship is such a divine thing that in order to classify oneself as a good friend one must be able to lay down one life in order to demonstrate how important a friend is and yet in todays climate friends find it so easy to destroy the very fabric of which friendship is based on.

Having been deceived by individuals that I believe was my friends, I understand the need for one to hold grudges and in fact to detest the people who did such disgraceful deed to a friendship.  However, I find the best way to deal with people who destroy a friendship is not to drag oneself down to their levels raise yourself above them, wish them the best pray for them and most importantly forgive them for their treachery.

When friendship goes bad the natural instinct of human beings is to hate the other party, but to hate take so much emotion out of you, it allows the devil to sneak into your life and put nothing but negative thoughts in your head, thoughts that make you want to wish so much destruction upon those that destroy the friendship with lies and innuendoes, forget that because if you do then you give the person who destroy the friendship too much power and that you do not want to do.

I find that by living my life above them, letting them see how happy and contented that I am, let them constantly see me smiling and being fulfilled without them in my life is one remedy that people who betray you cannot cope with and when you look at their face you see how miserable they are because they cannot believe that after their betrayal you can emerge so happy and content and that is the only way to deal with people who called themselves your friend and then destroy the friendship for, in most cases nothing but pettiness.

This article is written because I have read so many stories about individuals that have been let down, deceive and in some case have their lives destroyed by the very people they trust and the bitterness within them is so strong that it can sometimes take over their life and if they cannot find the means to escape from such betrayal is causing them a great deal of pain.

The first thing to remember when so-called friends deceive you is go back to the bible and read the story of Jesus and his disciples and realize that he adored Judas and yet he betrayed the master therefore, if the son of God could be betrayed by an individual that he trust who are we to have people that will not and in many cases do the same.

Forgive those that say evil things about you, feed your enemies, cloths them house them and especially those who was once classified as your friends forgive them because they know not what they have done.

By Sandrea: My Opinion