By Sandrea;– My Opinion

Following the media report that the Scottish Catholic church will be reading out a letter in all of its 500 parishes denouncing the government for their stance on gay marriages smacks of hypocrisy. 

These mere mortal individuals who are supposedly ordained men of God that flout the Christian rules when it is in their interest to do so, have the unmitigated gall to tell others how to live their lives.

Christianity is predicated on the belief that marriages between a man an a woman is sacrosanct and any plans to move away from that belief is immoral, destruction of the family values and an end to the so-called proper relationship.  This may be true as the Bible specifically states that a man should not lay with another man as he would with a woman, this is the 21st century.

I can understand the reluctance for some in society to accept that same sex marriage can be anything other than sinful and punishable by death.  But what about forgiveness and leaving all vengeance to God.  We cannot have it both ways we must either allow God to be the judge of all men or we appoint ourselves judge and juror destroyed that which offend us and by doing so we would not be following the rules in accordance with God’s will.

The Scottish church condemning gay marriages is their right but to make comments such as “ grotesque subversion of a universally, accepted human rights”, is unchristian, as human rights is afforded to all irrespective of what or who they are.

It is the responsibility of the church to preach and practice love and tolerance and leave all judging to a high power.  If they failed in this teaching they are condemning this planet to hate, bigotry and victimisation.  Homosexuality is here to stay whether we like it or not and it is up to the church to prevent discrimination against the gay community and they are failing in every way.

Of course one is not suggesting that we forsake traditional marriages, what we are advocating is tolerance and respect for those who choose that way of life and afford them the dignity they require to live a rather difficult life in today’s hostile and bias world