I find it extraordinary that we are more concerned with the fact that there is an allegation in the media that the UK spied on members of the G7 summit during the 2009 meeting that was held in London.

Of course, there should be no surprise there as I would imagine that clandestine and covert operation is the be all and end all of most nations, as they try to find out what each other is up to so it comes as no breaking news that these events take place.

In my opinion we should be more concern with the number of human lives that are currently being taken in places like Iraq where today according to reports 51 people lost their lives, and it would seem that there should be an outcry about the carnage that is constantly occurring in this part of the world.

As a race it would appear that the reality of life that should give us cause for concern we seems able to sweep it under the rug and we get extremely work up over issues that we are well aware that occur and there is nothing we can do about them as it is part and parcel of century of operation that have been ongoing and will continue.

There are currently unrest ongoing in Turkey, monsoon rain kill 13 people in India and outrage in France over the racist attack of 6 Chinese students studying there.  Have we gotten to the point that as human beings we are so selfish that we deemed it necessary to attack others because they look different, what are we doing to ourselves.

I have always believed that France was a safe place to visit, and in particular Paris, but after reading about these Chinese students being attacked would I be inclined to visit France again, well I would have thought very hard about that.

When are people going to learn that regardless of the colour of our skins, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or creed this whole world can only function effectively because of those differences.  We are supposed to learn from each other and irrespective of where one comes from, or whether they are rich or poor.

It would seem that over the centuries we have yet to learn how to be tolerant and recognize that there is a very good reason why we are all not of the same colour, we are all not wealthy, why you have doctors, lawyers, priest, pastors, nurses, teachers, road sweepers, bin men, plumbers, Muslims, Catholics, Christians, and so forth, we are a very big chain and each link is important to keep that chain strong and effective and to lose any of the links will only weaken the chain.

By Sandrea: My Opinion