It has been reported that the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that hackers manage to hack into one of their servers.

Apparently, not only have they managed to hack the agency there were able to post the name of individuals working for the agency on a website, and that must be a frightening thought for anyone.

Nuclear weapons are the ultimate weapons of mass destruction and the countries that are in possession of these weapons have always stated that they are there only for deterrent purposes and they will not be used in any conflict, and the theory is that if a country as nuclear weapons then another country will be less inclined to declare war on them.

The problem however, is not that these countries will not declare war against each other, what we have to worry about is the sophistication of these hackers and the fact that they could possibly hack into one of these countries nuclear system and set off a chain of reaction that could start World War 111, of which there will be a destruction of our planet.

The so-called justification of these hackers that hacked into the Atomic Energy Agency, is that they are under the suspicion that Israel as more nuclear weapons than is assumed, but Israel as neither confirmed or deny its nuclear capabilities and if they find that Israel nuclear arsenal is much more than is suspected, what do they believe that we should do with this information.

These individuals may be under the misguided belief that the rest of the world is going to turn against Israel if they are aware that Israel has a large arsenal of nuclear bombs.

The majority of our advances and discoveries were always done with so-called good intention and the creation of nuclear bombs was supposedly a breakthrough in weapons advancement and they are now a noose around mankind neck, one which we cannot get rid of and as long as we have these weapons we are at the mercy of individuals that have no regard for their life so the lives of another is not important.

I am rather concerned with these kind of hacking because they have the potential to threaten our very existence, and even though there may be an adequate security protocol that make it difficult for these hackers from getting into the systems of a nuclear facility the possibility remains and that is a very scary thought.


By Sandrea: My Opinion