By Sandrea:-My Opinion

The ‘Bible’ predicts that before the world ends there are a number of factors that must occur and are we now seeing those facts.

There is the prediction that the world of God must be spread throughout the four corners of the world.  That deceptions, diseases, epidemics, earthquakes, religious persecution and world-wide calamity will be visited upon us.  Can we identify with any of this, of course we can, and further proof, that are staring us in the face every day.

Wars and rumours of wars, nations rise up against nation kingdom against kingdom.  There will be those that say we have seen all of these events for a long time and the world remains, but as Peter says ‘they willingly forget’.  The unregenerate minds of the unbeliever resist the idea of the intervention of God in human affairs, and we have not yet seen the accomplishment that the 4 corners of the world knowing God’s name.  

Is it a coincidence that Tropical Strorm Isaac fell on New Orleans 7 years after hurricane Katrrina devastate the city leaving behind a trail of death, destruction and entire communities lost forever.  Or these signs and warnings to mankind telling us that we must change our ways or face the consequences of our actions.

Looking at the fact that Iran is going all out to acquire nuclear weapons brings to mind ‘their rivers will be run with blood and they will not be able to drink’.  This is not being an alarmist it is facing the reality of what is really going in the world today and signs that we are identifying as a prophecy of the bible, not forgetting that God as already told us that before one of his words past  away heaven and earth will go.

Although we have all the signs pointing to the demise of human beings, no one knows the minute or the hour when that will happen.  However, can we save ourselves from the inevitable or as been predicted that we will eventually destroy humanity as we come to know it.

I shudder to think that the beauty of this planet will not be saved for generation to come because of our greed, selfishness, inhumanity and above all we never knew how to become our brother’s keeper.