As President Barack Obama confirms US support for Israel and the Israeli people, he also mentions that his administration will continue to seek a peaceful solution to peace in the region.

There is no doubt that the world would be a much better place if there was sustained peace in the Middle East.  However, there will never be any peace until the Arab nation recognize that Israel as a nation will never be destroyed by mankind and that they have every right to exist and the Jewish nation will forever remain as strong as they are ordained to be.

It would be naive to believe that there are not section of Israel that contribute to the war between Palestinians and themselves and that at times their actions provoke the Palestinians which cause the continuation of the current discord between both nations.

Israel as a right to protect itself as is the rights of others, but considering the trauma that has been inflicted upon the Jewish people they have every right to be skeptical of any group or organization that wish to see them remove and obliterate from the planet.

There is no doubt that the Arab world would like to see Israel destroyed, but the one thing that they should remember is that Israel is the only place that was given land by God and as such, whether one believes in God or not Israel is a holy land and no amount of conflict between them and the Arab world will allow that nation to be abolished or destroyed.

Having said that Israel also has a responsibility to ensure that it do everything in its power to broker peace between them and their neighbour and regardless of the fact that at time their soldiers are pelted with stones by Palestinians children do not give them the rights to bomb individuals out of their homes or to cause unnecessary harm against innocent women and children, and they will have to answer to a higher power for their counterproductive attitudes.

By Sandrea: My Opinion