OSCAR-winning American movie actor Cuba Gooding Jr has been cleared of battery charges after the female bartender he allegedly shoved withdrew her complaint, officials said Friday.

“Without a complainant and after a review of evidence, city prosecutors decided not to pursue charges,” said Ryan Berni, a spokesman for the New Orleans mayor’s office.

The bartender told police that Gooding arrived at the Bourbon Street bar with a group of people around three in the morning Tuesday.

Customers soon recognised the “Jerry Maguire” star and started asking him to pose for pictures with them.

The bartender said Gooding became angry and then shoved her twice when she asked him to calm down and leave the bar.

Gooding won an Academy Award for best supporting actor for his role as an arrogant football player, whose line “Show me the money!” became a catchphrase, in the 1996 hit “Jerry Maguire” which starred Tom Cruise.

He has also played supporting roles in hits like “Pearl Harbor” and “A Few Good Men” and had the lead role in the Spike Lee film “Boyz n the Hood.”

In recent years his films have not had a great deal of commercial success and most have gone straight to DVD without a wide release in theatres.