By Sandrea:- My Opinion

There is a myth that people that are capable of working do not want to work and intend to live off the state and taxpayers money, in fact that is a prejudice orchestrated by the government to fuelled anger against the unemployed and by doing so they can introduce draconian measures to put pressure on people who are already suffering. 

As the channel 4 Dispatches program have identified the government own department, namely ‘Job Centre Plus’ that is meant to help people back to work is woefully inadequate and in all the test cases the programme used to give them the opportunity to assist the unemployed they have failed miserably to provide adequate information or assistance to those actively looking for work.

The biggest disgrace by far however, is the Employment and Support Assessment, this replaced the old Incapacity benefit and as stated by one of Atos trainers, “is specifically designed to take people off Incapacity benefit”.  This will push around 90% of claimants off of the scheme, to look for work, even those with major disabilities, would be deemed fit for work.

Channel 4 Dispatches aired the programme 30 July 2012 entitled “Britain on the sick” of which this programme including the job centre plus can be viewed at  The information that I gather from this shocking programme is that this coalition government has no regard or respect for individuals that are genuinely sick and do not have any chance of every finding employment because of their illness.

This monstrosity called Atos a company employed by the government to carry out assessments on person’s suitability for work, paying them 100 million pounds for the privilege, have been systematically failing literally every claimant that has been sent to the various assessment centres.  The criteria for remaining on full benefits is 15 points, rarely anyone achieve this score and they are failing people with illnesses that no family GP or even the hospital would deem a person competent for employment and it is the most disgraceful, diabolical, fraudulent actions I have every seen and definitely unbecoming of a democratic society.

In every aspect of human lives there are those who are going to try and cheat the system, but politicians cannot take the moral high ground when a number of them were caught fiddling their expenses, claiming for parliamentary benefits that they were certainly not entitled to.  Now their party has the unmitigating gall of depriving the genuine claimant the rights to benefits, claimants that have previously worked and contribute by paying their taxes only to find that the very government they paid their dues to as now catapult them into fraudulent and disgraceful assessments which prevents them claiming benefits they are entitled to.

For me the programme bought out two very important points (1) There are significant flaws in the methods of assessment  and (2) There is an underlying trend to fail everyone who is subjected to this test.  Subsequently it has cost so far £45 million pounds in appeals.  If one looks at the cost of the appeal plus the cost to employ Atos this amounts to a staggering £145 million pounds that could have been better spent to assist those that are ill and even initiate programs to get back long term unemployed back into the work force, instead it is being used to once again prop up the bureaucracy and bureaucratic systems.

Democracy should be a right of the people for the people and politicians have taken this concept and destroyed the very fabric that it was founded on and if people allow further erosion of their rights how long before democracy turned into totalitarian.  This attack is on the benefit and welfare system, what will be next.

Of course governments should be in a position to evaluate any system that is not working effectively and if necessary replace it with a system that is fair and beneficial to the people, orchestrated fairly and not done in ways that push people further into poverty and depression, they should start seeing the citizens as people rather than commodities that they can bride every four and a half years in order to win elections.