Do prayers really works and how can they be term miraculous, really what are the attributes of praying.

If a few years ago anyone would have told me that I would be a proponent of prayers, I would have laughed at them.  However, circumstances caused me to seek out the miracle of prayers and I can say without any reservation that irrespective of what is said about praying it does work.

So what are prayers, they are about faith, belief and knowing that when you pray there is a higher power who listen to you and also realizing that the divine spirit as the ability to fulfil all your needs.  I use the term needs because in my opinion prayers are not about wants they are about your needs and the ability to receive the blessing you need to fulfil your aspirations.

There are those who do not believe in prayers and we are not here to judge them because each to his own and if we judge each other then we are going against God’s wishes when he said ‘Judge not that he may be judged’.  There is something magically about praying and if we take the time to give the almighty thanks for what we have in our life then we began to realize that there is nothing that we cannot achieve if we are willing to pray, give God the glory and watch him make the changes in our lives that will, not just make our life better, but our entire existence.

Praying works when you believe in not just yourself but knowing that when you pray you are appealing to an enormous power.  I can say categorically that prayer changed my life and that of my family.  I struggle for years with just about everything that one can imagine, there was a time when I did not believe that my life could be anything other than disaster, then I was introduced to praying and I began to pray and pray every day and I notice situations that I could not find an answer to suddenly the answer appear and with each prayer my life take on a different turn for the better. So today, I am a huge believer in the miracle of prayer and will continue.

When you pray do not let it just be words, feel your prayer, be sincere in whatever problem that you are praying about, have faith in your prayer and most of all be assured that your prayers are being heard.  We must understand that God does not do things in our time but in his and so long as you give him the problems he will give you the solutions.

One of the most important things that you must remember is that praying cost nothing, but the rewards are immense and when you began to recognize how much you can achieve by praying then it become like a second skin that you want to wear everyday.  There is a miracle in praying, trust in yourself believe in God’s everlasting love, seek his help by praying and you will be amazed at the difference in your life.


By Sandrea: My Opinion