By Sandrea:- My Opinion

The gunman that killed 6 people in the Sikh temple in Milwaukee as been identified as Wade Michael Page a 40 year old white male who was dismissed from the US army 14 years ago, he died following a shoot-out with the local police after committing his spree of violence.

Having been identified as a single white male, the tendency is for the incident to be seen as a racist attempt on the Indian and Sikh community and if we allow this to be seen as the reason for this unfortunate incident there might be a tit for tat retaliation and that cannot be good for society.

This incident comes a few weeks after the Colorado theatre shooting in which 12 people died and 59 injure and these incidents must be put into context and the overwhelming pattern here is the fact that these individuals were able to get their hands on guns which was then used to massacre innocent people.  Society can no longer ignore what is staring them in the face, guns are too easily obtained and until the US severely tightened its gun control policy then these incidents are doomed to be repeated over again.

We have to ask ourselves how many more relatives must mourn the loss and death of loves won before the reality of the use of guns will be debated by the authority.  The innuendos abound each time someone slaughter innocent people, the way in which politicians are only too quick to condemn the action, but the cause of the act namely the ease at which guns can be acquire remains the same.  It would appear that none of these politician has the guts to take on the gun organizations as they skirt around the issue by calling the perpetrators terrorist and racist, but the crux of the problem is disguised among the rhetoric.

Someone must step forward and publicly state that there are too many guns in the hands of undesirable, and severe controls must be put into place in order to curtail these incidents of mass slaughter.  This is the 21st century and we are failing a generation of people because of our inability to effectively control the use of guns.

The so-called ‘right to bear arms’ which gun enthusiast like to quote does not give anyone the right to systematically murder innocent people and I am assuming that the ‘founding fathers’ of the constitution never meant that the right to arm oneself is the rights to go out and kill people because of warp ideologies or because one have a bad day.