Parenting skills and the way in which children are raised, in my opinion, is the backbone of a well adjusted society.

As parents get younger and many end up as single parents the skills that were used in the fifties, sixties and seventies to raise a child or children have all but eroded and children today are raised more by technology rather than the traditional manner in which their grand and great grandparents were raised.

Parenting skills may not seem important to young mothers and fathers in this so-called modern society, but the way in which children are raised determine the type of society we inherit.

In my opinion, the high rate of knife crimes that plague the street of the UK capital stems from the manner in which many of these young people are raised.  If there are no morals how can one determine what is right from wrong and what is acceptable or unacceptable behaviour.

More than a dozen young people have been killed in London this year and the weapon used was a knife.  According to statistics four out of ten murders of young people is by a knife.  One in ten hospital admission for assault involved a sharp implement.

We do not seem to have the parenting skills to teach our children how to resolve conflict verbally and therefore, they are raised believing that violence is the only options that are available to them whenever they find themselves faced with any manner of confrontation are having a dispute with their peers.

Being around young parents, my observation is that they are more incline to purchase electronic gadgets to appease their children rather than discipline them when they misbehave.  Children of all eras have one thing in common they will push the boundary back as far as they are allowed to.  Misbehaving as a child is not a new concept, the difference however, is that fifties, sixties and seventy children were taught that there was a line that was never cross because the consequences were dire, today’s children do not seem to have that define line.

Children today demand what they want from parents and with the Christmas holidays approaching the sale of electronic goods will skyrocket as parents are made to purchase these items to ensure that their children have the latest gadgets and it would appear that parents are competing against each other to see whose children can have the best electronic devise, designer clothes and name brand trainers and the skills to raise their children in a productive manner is way down the scales.

In my opinion, if we are to save the next generation of children from anti-social behaviour we have to turn the clock back and begin to reaffirm effective parenting skills making it the priority in the manner in which we raise our children.

By Sandrea: My Opinion