I recently read an article which is giving parent 10 ways in which they can ensure that their children use technology effectively. I do have a few issues with this advice.

Far be it for me to determine that the advice given in the article cannot be implemented by parent should they choose to but, as a parent there are a number of, in my opinion difficulties there.

For example the article states that:

Firstly, parents should treat the online world like the real word, because there are bullies and strangers online, a commendable idea, but how many parents are really monitoring what their children does online. We live in a fast pace society and the majority of parent who happen to be employed, do they really have time with everything else they have to do, can they find the time to ensure their children’s online activities are effectively managed.

Secondly, most children are much more computer savvy than their parents, we are not talking about the affluent minority in our society, we are putting the onus on predominantly working class families.

The article suggests that parents should sit with their children from age six to seven and guide them whilst they are browsing web pages. In my experience, and my opinion parent tends to purchase gadgets such as I Pads and tablets to appease their children, ‘keep them quiet’ rather than to sit with them and browse. I recognize that this may sound patronizing, but this is the real world.

This social, moral article further states that parents should set appropriate boundaries for all ages, know who your kids are talking to online, make good friends and treat mobile phone like gold.

Today’s children have more mobile phones than previous generations, they are completely clued up with technology and even though it would be an excellent idea to put into practice those guidelines we should not lose sight of the fact we are talking about this generation of children.

Technology especially computer and mobile is the be all and end all of some child’s life, how can we separate fiction from reality.

This generation of parents is under so much pressure to provide shelter and food for their children, most work very unsociable hours and though it is very important to monitor our children there is still this vast gap which allows children not only to use technology at home but also externally.

I can agree that younger children are much more easier to manage when it comes to technology but, what about the teenagers that have access to all this technological gadgets. How can we prevent them from falling into an unsavory dilemma.

It is very important that one understand that most of the points in the article, I absolutely agree with however, the implementation of the same is what I am having difficulty with.