First as reported in the media the Judge in the Colorado shooting case as entered a not guilty plea on behalf of James Holmes because his defense team said he was not yet ready to enter a plea.

Here we have an individual that calmly walked into a packed cinema, where he found people enjoy a film, he opened fire on them and when the carnage was over 12 people died and 70 were wounded.

Society has a tendency to want to find justification for every counterproductive act that human beings commit and we never can just accept that if we buy into the logic that there is good in our world then it stands to reason that there is evil and in my opinion James Holmes is pure evil.

I do not believe in the death penalty, as I am of the opinion that we should never have state sanction murder and therefore irrespective of the evil that James Holmes commit I believe he should be given a life sentence.  This is not an individual that one has to wonder if he commit the crime, we are more than 99 percent sure he is the culprit however, because the criminal act is so vicious as human being, we simply must find some kind of justification for the action and the one we will most certainly use is the fact that he must be insane.

On another disturbing note we have been informed by the media that the accounts of several celebrities and the first lady details have been hacked.  This is yet another blot on our society, as the technological age continues to explode our lives become an open book to those with the ability to dig into our lives and expose information about us that should be left private and confidential.

One would assume that the individuals that possess such remarkable skills would use it to benefit mankind rather than use their skills to disrespect the privacy of another.  As human beings we seem to lose the ability to know what is decent and that there are bridges that we should never cross and as our humanity fades so does the ability to recognize that when we deliberately cause harm or hurt to another it is only a matter of time before we become victims of our own counterproductive activities.

By Sandrea: My Opinion