The old adage ‘if you cannot do the time then don’t do the crime’ is words that individuals should think about before they commit criminal offenses that land them in prison.

Norway’s convicted mass murder Anders Behring Breivik 27 page letter to prison officials complaining about his so-called prison condition is an insult to the 77 people that he slaughtered.  They were not given any opportunity to fulfil their dreams, married have children and be with the family they loved, because he saw to that.

Why should he, or who told him that he should be awarded special treatment.  He should be treated just like every convicted criminal, in a humane way, humanity that he did not bestow upon his victims.

He believes that his prison conditions is degrading, what does be believe his actions towards the 77 people he gunned down was.

There are 77 families that no longer have their loved ones around them. He is still alive and have the ability to complain about the facility that he’s incarcerated in.

What gave him the idea that the guards should cooperate with is so-called carefully planned daily schedule.  He seems to be under the illusions that the prison systems is there to cater to his individual needs and if they refuse he has the right to complain, the rights that he took away from so many people.

I cannot begin to imagine how the families of those he killed must be feeling, knowing that not only is this individual alive but having to read media stories about his ridiculous request.  Unbelievable

In my opinion he should be treated in a humane manner as any other prisoner should be treated, because we cannot afford as a society to go down to the level of depravity that some of our fellow human beings stooped to, but as for any special treatment outside of the realm of the prison systems or which he demands, should not be granted to him.

By Sandrea: My Opinion