The current media report that a New York City police officer has been convicted of charges that he plotted to kidnap women cook them in order to eat them, is this a verdict that society should applaud.

According to the defense this officer did not carry out any of his threats and although they agree that is thinking is outlandish and is not the norm all that he was guilty of was thinking about the fetish.  As human beings we do have fantasies that we allude to and of course with the explosion of social media network there are those who are willing to let the rest of the world into their bizarre thinking, but should they be held accountable for their thoughts.

The prosecution in the case believes that from the information that they gather from the officer’s computer there was evidence that he was on the verge to kidnap not just his wife but five other women in order to carry out is fetish and furthermore he was looking up potential targets on restricted law enforcement database and searching the internet to establish how to knock someone out with chloroform.

In my opinion this is clearly a case of the prosecution being proactive rather than reactive.  In this case they saw the potential of innocent people being hurt and stop it before it happen and for that they should be applauded.

We are not talking about an ordinary citizen this is a police officer with so many resources available to him and if he chose to carry out this unhealthy fetish that he seems to have, then the nightmare for others could have been devastating.  I am of the opinion that the prosecutors did not take the prosecution of this officer lightly they would have weighted every option available to them and assure themselves that there is a real threat there and the jury agree with them.

This case may set a precedence and no doubt freedom of speech proponents will see this as an attack on the rights of free speech, but for too long there have been individuals that showed a propensity to harm others and the authority did nothing because until a crime is committed their hands are tied and because of that many people lose their life and that is reactive.  It is time that as a society whenever we identify the potential of any individual to cause mayhem we effectively deal with it.

Human beings have evolved enough to be able to differentiate what is a possible threat and when is done in what we called jokingly.   In my opinion there was every reason to believe that this was no idle threat and left unimpeded this officer would have put is planned into action.

By Sandrea: My Opinion