The current media outrage against two-time, Booker Prize-winning author Hilary Mantel for what they are calling her “venomous attack” on Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge. Is this freedom of speech gone over the top or not.

As a great believer in ‘freedom of speech irrespective of whether it offends or not I cannot deem it necessary to condemn Hilary Mantel for her comments regarding the Duchess of Cambridge.  Of course we should as human beings strive to refrain from comments that cause hurt to others but that would be if we were living in an ideal world.

The majority of the UK and the British people is a firm supporter of the monarchy and in particular the younger member of the royal family and the fact that an individual make their own personal, albeit unwarranted remark against the Duchess is not going to demean her in the eyes of the public.

Furthermore, the Duchess is not that fragile or naive to believe that there were always going to be positive comments made towards her she is well aware that when you marry into that family there are always going to be comments made which some will be positive and other rather negative.  The fact that she is pregnant is neither here nor there millions of women get pregnant every year and millions more will be after she gives birth and being pregnant does not mean you are unable to take criticisms.

The comments made by Hilary Mantel will no doubt be seen by many people as uncalled for and not relevant, but that is what freedom of speech is all about and if we decide that we will not allow individuals to voice their opinions irrespective of how vile they may be then we are not acting in a democracy but would have moved over to totalitarian and we cannot censor speech because it offend.

By Sandrea: My Opinion