The right to die on your own terms, are what is called Euthanasia as being fought by successive UK government. But, should Euthanasia be legalized in countries where the population request it.

It is believed that should euthanasia become legal there are those who will possibly use it in an unproductive manner if they become desperate to get rid of an incapacitated or terminally ill family member if they are seen as, or deemed to be a burden on them.

As a Christian I cannot in any good conscience support the taking of any life irrespective of how that life is.  The bible stated in one of the ten commandments that ‘thou shall not kill’ and if you are obedient to the teaching of the words of God then it would be inappropriate to take a life.

However, there are those who believe that when an individual cease to function effectively as a human being, when they are diagnosed with diseases which they are not going to recover from they should have the right to determine the manner of their demise and they should not have to linger in pain for a long period before they eventually die a natural death.

There have been a number of cases that have hit the headlines over the past few years where individuals have sought the permission of the High Court in order to terminate their life and the courts, in the UK have always ruled against such actions and these individuals are left in their vegetated state until natural death occurs.

Since 2011 active euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg, assisted suicide legal in Switzerland and the US states of Washington, Oregon and Montana.  This still leaves a considerable amount of countries that regard euthanasia as a criminal act.  But, do the countries that have euthanasia believe that an individual have the right to decide how they die and as human beings they should be allowed to dictate their own life and subsequent death.

In a democracy people have the right to determine, legally how they live, where they live, who they married, how many children they have and so on and so forth.  So if they are struck down by an illness that they will not recover from or have no more effective contribution to society, should individuals not then have the right to decide how they exit this world.

Obviously, I have to agree that there must be checks and balances to ensure that the system is not used for the benefit of those who wish to see their love ones hasten off the mortal coil in order for them to gain monetary gain.

No one can begin to understand the pain and frustration that some people endure, unable to function, not being able to wash or dress yourself having to lay everyday racked with pain being drugged in order to have a few minutes relief from your agony.  Being trapped in a useless body your dignity eroded and not being able to end the misery must be the hardest thing that a human being must have to face.

I may not support euthanasia because I believe that every life is sacrosanct, but I do have an understanding of what the supporters of euthanasia are saying and why they want legislation to make it a legitimate act.

By Sandrea: My Opinion