As Rolf Harris awaits to be sentenced after being found guilty on 12 count for his criminal activities that he has perpetrated on young girls and women over a number of years, what can we learn from this.

It now begs the question why would someone like that who was such a prominent figure in the entertainment world and in particular with children’s programs believe he could walk away from the crimes he committed against these individuals.  In my opinion society is yet again to be blamed for these individuals being able to carry out these kind of unsocial behaviour for so long. Society treats victims with such disdain during that time it makes it impossible for anyone to report this kind of individuals who’s predatory behaviour impact other’s lives.

Time may have given Rolf Harris a cushion to work with, but what has his behaviour achieved, he has now fallen from grace and all of the good work that he accomplished throughout his entertainment career will be forgotten and he will only be remembered as the man who used his influence to target young women and girls.

There is no doubt that he his looking at prison time, but bearing in mind that he his 84 years old in my opinion, I cannot see him enduring any long prison sentence and the shock to his system being convicted will take its toll on him.

This should serve as a warning to anyone who believe that they can use their celebrity status to undertake criminal activities against others,  think twice as this century and the judicial system is no longer standing idly by and allow it to happen, for that we have to thank the Lord.

By Sandrea