According to Britain’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Sally Davies the resistance to antibiotics by human beings could become as she states a “ticking time-bomb”

This is a serious situation when one considers that the entire planet depend on antibiotics to fight infections and if for some reasons humans lose the ability to fight infection where will that leave our species.

Professor Davies has also stated that “Antimicrobial resistance is not just an issue for the UK but globally as this affect the lives of millions of people.  There is no doubt that this issue should be taken seriously  if we do nothing about the problem and as stated in 20 years a minor operation could cause someone to die because an ordinary infection that can’t be treated by antibiotics..

I am very concern about the issue, twenty years from now I may not be around but what about my children and grandchildren, even in death I would like to know that the health authority around the world heed Professor Davies warning and made contingency plans to prevent this possible catastrophic disaster to the human race.

Society must understand that when someone as intellectual as Professor Davies make a medical warning such as this, with which there is global repercussions, we have to become proactive and I support Professor Davies in all her endeavours to get not just the UK to start making plans to avert this potential human crisis, but all of the so-called G8 nations, the World Health Organisation should come to gather to address this problem.

We have a great opportunity to begin the process to tackle this problem I sincerely hope that we will do so as to ignore this warning could be detrimental to the survival of our race.

By Sandrea: My Opinion