As churches across the UK held services in recognition of the sacrifice of those that died in World War one, let us take this opportunity to remember the millions that lost their lives.

Irrespective of what started World War one today 11 November 2012 marked the 94 years since that conflict was ended and we should take this opportunity to recognise some of the nations that have lost many lives in that war.

Our gratitude goes out to the Australians, Canadians, Indian Empire, New Zealand, United kingdom and all the other allies that fought and died in World War one.

Looking back reading and researching the reason for World War one I cannot help but feel a sense of regret that so many people had to die.  Even with all the material around I find that World War one reason was vague and not as straightforward as World War two.

Combining the total death between World War one and two over 107 million people lost their lives Yet somehow today we do not seem to learn from the past.

Looking at the traumatic events of both wars every nation should be doing their utmost to strive for peace and yet although we do not have a World War at present we have seen too many wars in the last 20 years and to date we cannot categorically put our finger and what really have been achieved in these wars as world peace is still a distance away.

In the last couple of years we have seen the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria and as the deaths piled up in Syria we wonder what will stop this madness and have past conflicts taught us anything.

Today I join the millions of people around the world that are paying tribute to those that die in World War one and I hope that we can come together as people recognise that we are human beings first and foremost and that we all have a right to exist on this planet and work together to achieve peace for all.

May the souls and spirits of those that have departed rest in peace and we will always remember them for their courage and continue to honour their memory and and for always.

By Sandrea: My Opinion