By Sandrea:- My Opinion

The recent media report that Pakistani official jailed a mentally handicapped child who supposedly burn pages of the Koran is yet another example of the so-called Muslim blasphemy rules that is infantile, idiotic and stupid.

Religion is about tolerance and the ability to love each other irrespective of our different beliefs, and any religion that implies that their prophet believes that justice is served by incarcerating a child on flimsy and hearsay evidence is not a religion but totalitarian and is being used by individuals to suppress and control the free will of others.

The world consists of different faiths and be it Christians, Islam, Buddhism, Catholics, Prostestants or Anglicans, it really doesn’t matter we should love and respect each other and we should also have the ability to criticize each other’s faith if and when necessary without being afraid of the consequences or have religious freedom severely curtailed.

The archaic and outdated practice has no part in a modern society and if Muslims believe that the Prophet Mohammed agree with their behavior towards other faith then they are in for a rude awakening as no prophet that is of the people would tolerate the manner in which the proponents of the Islamic faith treat others.  They do not have carte Blanche on religious beliefs and not changing with the times have trapped these individuals in backward and ancient practices which are only damaging their faith but make the rest of the world view them as fanatics.

Religion should be about love, peace, unity and above all tolerance and if any religion loses that fundamental belief they are doomed to failure.  How can we ever expect to understand the fundamentals of the Islamic faith when they are portraying themselves like spoilt brats acting irrationally and treating others as if they are the only ones who have the rights to practice their religious beliefs.  It is time that they re-evaluate what and who they are because if they don’t they will be eventually doomed themselves and their religion to extinction and many would have believed that the dinosaurs were too big and powerful to disappear from the planet but history have proved that scenario very wrong.