I have watched a television debate in Florida that was centred on the rights of practicing religion, and was astonished at some of the comments.

Religion, in my opinion is about individual choice and should never be about government creating any type of legislation to force anyone into worshiping any deity.  Irrespective of our religious beliefs we have a right to choose the religious path in which we decide to follow.

Because religion is such a personal thing it is important that we do not force the government to create legislation in order to determine which religious belief should take precedence over another, if government were to decide that they are going to sanction the Catholic religion over all the other religious belief that would not only be seen as bias but the state interfering in how we worship.

I believe that government has a responsibility to ensure that every individual is given the protection to worship regardless of their beliefs and no one should be persecuted for who and what they worship.

Whether we believe that the Muslim religious beliefs are counterproductive and breed terrorism, it is up to the government to ensure that if terrorism stems from a religious belief then it is dealt with effectively, it is not the religion that is being targeted but the proponents that turns their beliefs into anti-social activities.

What the government should be interesting in creating legislation to deal with is any aspect of religious beliefs that becomes fanatical in their undertakings in that they are willing to cause chaos and mayhem in order to put their beliefs across.  When religious beliefs turned into violent confrontation then we expect the government to play a major role in controlling these fanatics.