It would appear that ‘black businesses’ are being racially targeted by the licensing authority in most London borough.

The vast majority of black businesses that operate wine bars or pubs rely on their liquor license to operate their business effectively, but it would appear that more and more ‘black businesses are having their license pull by the authority for silly reasons and are forced to close their business.

In some situation a white establishment can have a conflict in their wine bar and they will keep their license, but if the same incident occurs in a black environment they will have their license pulled which then lead to the closure of their business.

It is now being alleged by a newspaper that a Croydon nightclub as to stop playing Jamaica ‘bashment music if it wants to retain its license.  This is nothing but racism at its worst.

There is no doubt that freedom of expression and choice is limited to certain members of our society and in order to function effectively, then anyone who is non-white have to tow that line.  The fact that the individual that are making these decisions do not have a clue what they are talking about; do not make the problem any easier to eradicate.

I cannot believe that in this the 21st Century we are still having music censored.  Of course, there are many Jamaicans that do not cater for what is so-called ‘bashment music’ but equally thousands of people adore this kind of music and to say that it is associated with crime is nothing more than a slur in order to once again control the ‘black’ community in the way in which we express ourselves and that is unacceptable.

Criminal elements is not unique to the ‘black community’ and it is time that officials, irrespective of who they are stopped using criminal behaviour to attack sections of the community.  It would be naive to believe that there are no criminal activities within our communities, but it is all over, not just for small sections.

The attitude of the licensing authority to use the yanking of license to pull black businesses in line is downright disgusting and it is, preventing black business from making progress within the business community and therefore many black individuals who would like to establish a wine bar or club environment are put off from doing so because of this reputation that has been put out in the community about the manner in which they run their businesses.

It becomes obvious when this situation happened among friends who are in business and one can see the problem that is created when a black establishment have their license pulled by the authority. You watch as the business slowly deteriorates especially a business that was thriving, one that was creating employment within the community.  But the most devastating aspect of all of this the incident which caused the yanking of the license as nothing to do with the owner, and a similar incident happen at a white venue, but they did not have their license pulled.

Racism is not something that will ever be eradicated and no matter how much so-called policy and procedures that are put into place to counteract these behaviour it will always come down to individuals in positions that make decisions that governs other people’s lives and until we change the balance of power within that framework we will always be victimised.