By Sandrea: – My Opinion

Putting the Olympics and UK Coalition government in perspective. There is no doubt that 2012 Olympics games is undeniable a massive success in London and the UK as a whole, the nation as, for the last two weeks put their differences aside and forget about the failing economy and give their support to each and every athlete that compete in the Olympics.

There is no doubt that the nation gets a sense of pride during the last two weeks they have seen the UK competitors win more medals since 1908, they witness records been broken and they witness the awesome sprinting skills of the Jamaicans, in particular Usain Bolt, they revel in the successes of team GB.  It begs the question if so much can be a spent on creating two weeks of pride what more could we achieve if the coalition was prepared to invest in the country and the economy instead of trying to destroy the benefit system, age old traditional organisation like the House of Lords and put more efforts in creating opportunities for young people and the nation.

The drama is over and as the nation return to normality the overwhelming question is where does the coalition go from here.  The temporary jobs the Olympics created is gone the economy will be pushed in the forefront again and the harsh reality of the recession will once again bore down on the nation.

Irrespective of the success of the Olympics games the UK coalition government will not learn from it they will go back to doing what they do best critising everyone for their failure not accepting responsibility for their actions, taking credit for actions they had no part in the implementation thereof and by the end of August the realisation of their ineffectiveness will once again be in the forefront of the public domain.

In my opinion the Olympic success will not save the coalition they have made such bad decisions which have impacted negatively on the economy .  The phone hacking sandal will raise its ugly head again, the rise in unemployment, low pay, house repossession set to rise which will cause devastation to both home owners and the housing market.  Then there is the tit-for-tat  decision with the coalition, Nick Clegg has to shelve plans to reform the House of Lords, he has now withdrawn support from Cameron’s plans for boundary review.

There are still the Para Olympics to come at the end of August and once again the nation will rise to support the athletes taking part and briefly the trials and tribulation of the country’s woes will be put back a few weeks.

One can only feel proud that the Olympics when off without any problems and the those that doubt that London and the UK could pull off such a prestigious event had to agree that is was superbly achieved and the so call terror speculation did not materialize, however this in my opinion will not save the Coalition government and if they continue with the bickering then one can look forward to an early election.