By Sandrea:- My Opinion

Protecting the rights of an embassy is not only paramount but is recognized by the Vienna convention. 

The British government threatening to storm the Ecuador embassy is well aware that under the Geneva convention diplomatic relation 1961 clause 22, “Where is has been granted that any embassy can deploy their own security forces to protect their territory as per their desire and requirement”.  Therefore,  should the UK security force storm the Ecuador Embassy, Quito have every right to defend themselves.

The British government threats are ridiculous and they seem to forget that they have embassies and consulates all over the world and should any host nation threatens to invade the sovereignty of their embassy there would be a total outcry, they are not above international and they are acting in a manner that is against the principles of UK citizens.

The fact that Julian Assange seek refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy is in his rights to do so.  Ecuador is not breaking the rules they are in fact doing what hundreds of other embassies around the world have done.  Someone seeking asylum enters their embassy they are evaluating the claim and until they arrive at their decision the UK behaving like a spoilt brat that was refused a candy bar is unbecoming of a so-called democracy and smacks of hypocrisy.

Somehow the British government does not understand that their threats are counter productive and borders on bully-boy tactics and they are blatantly ignoring centuries if diplomatic relations and should they go down this road they cannot complain if another host  country invades the British embassy or Consular. The British government is really not looking at this situation in an effective manner , their focus is so predicated on extracting Julian Assange to Sweden they are ignoring the fact that they are compromising the positions of British national overseas.

This latest incident is yet another demonstration that this government never uses its head they push along making mistakes after mistakes because no one seems to have the ability to stop and thing about the actions or the consequences thereof.  One would believe that in this 21St Century politicians have the capability of effectively thinking that tunnel vision like the dinosaur was extinct and that forward thinking as replace archaic views, but one would be wrong considering this latest fiasco