The idea that we have any privacy in our lives has now become an urban myth, we better get real and realize that luxury does not exist anymore.

In order for citizens in a country, especially the US and UK to understand why our privacy has been eroded over the years we have to go back to September 11 2001, known as 9/11, that was the day when terrorism changed the way in which we live our lives.  The actions of those fanatics ensured that privacy became a thing of the past.

The recent report featured in the media that a leaked document shows the monumental scope of the US government’s surveillance of Americans phone records should come as no surprise to the citizens of the US, and even beyond their borders.  It would be rather naive to believe that in their zest to prevent another attack of 9/11 magnitude on US soil that any aspect of communication would still remain sacred.

We reside in an era where technology, especially communication is so advanced it would make our ancestors turn in their graves.  With this explosion of both social media networking and telecommunication such as mobile phones and other methods of keeping in touch with each other we lay our lives bare and therefore, we cannot and should not be so naive to believe that there was not some kind of monitoring taking place with our communication, of course this is ongoing and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Terrorists need communication just as much as an ordinary citizen and if by monitoring our communication records the security service can prevent one single act of terrorism than we are going to have to tolerate that kind of intrusion into our privacy.

Of course, critics and civil liberties advocate are going to make a lot of noise about this issue, but before they do it is important that they recognize that terrorist do not respect civil liberty and therefore their counter productive actions are predicated on the fact that society takes privacy very seriously, which can allow them to slip through those cracks.

The majority of people have nothing to hide or concern themselves about and whether the US, UK or any other country is monitoring communication in order to prevent acts of terrorism, I do not have a problem with that.  There are those that will say there will be  the unwarranted use of the information gathered, of course that is a possibility, but we cannot expect our government and security service to fight terrorism with one hand tied behind their backs, the terrorist has no such constrictions.

Human beings cherish their privacy and of course anything that violates that privacy is cause for concern among sections of our communities, but let us remember that we have given so much information about ourselves freely, so let us support our government in this fight against terrorism and ensure that we establish a process where the information gathered will only be used to prevent atrocities, we can give up privacy for a cause but our integrity and dignity must never be allowed to be trampled on.  In the interest of the thousands of lives lost, another tragedy on the scale of 9/11 should not be allowed again.

By Sandrea: My Opinion