I know that we live in a world where technology is a way of life and there is nothing one can do about that.

However, I am fed up to the back teeth of these people who are trying to fleece you out of whatever PPI compensation one may entitle to, with their persistence call to both your home and mobile phones.

I cannot understand how these people are privy to my home and mobile telephone because I certainly did not give them permission and if I apply to any company I make sure that I tick the box that state I do not want my details to be sent to or be part of any other company.

It is unbelievable that I am unable to sleep because of these persistence all, and what is more outrageous I have a Samsung tablet 3 which is not used as a mobile phone and somehow they have gotten hold of the tablet number and are now calling me on that as well.

If these unwanted calls are not an invasion of privacy I do not know what else they could be categorized as.  The government really needs to do something about these companies that have nothing better to do but to harass people by telephone.  Yes, this is a form of harassment because I did not sign on to have these individual molest me in my own environment.

I am not a stupid person and both my son and I received our PPI compensation and we did not need any lawyer to us achieve this.

Checking out the number of ways in which we can avoid unwanted telephone calls is mundane and monotonous, why should I have to go to such lengths to stop these people from harassing me.  I believe we should be able to sue these individuals once they call your number more than 3 times and this may deter them from constantly bothering anyone.

I want the government to establish a system that makes it easier for individuals to take legal actions against these telephone cowboys and to make them understand that there are people out there that their persistent calls are making other people’s life a complete misery.