Millions are spent each year all over the world with people trying to lose weight.

Being overweight is no joking matter, it can affect your organs make you tired unattractive, cause untold damage to your well-being.  In some cases it leads to depression.

Having struggled with weight problems I understand the difficulty that one as in trying to lose and maintain weight lost.  I would go and so-called crash diet which would lose the weight fast but equally put it back on faster the moment I came off the crash diet.

I realise that that it was important for me to change the way in which I view food and that unless  I actually change my perceptions of dieting I would continue down this yo-yo road of dieting.  I did a lot of research in fruits and vegetables and the benefits that could be achieved by incorporating these in my daily intake.

First, in terms of vegetables I started on Carrots, Radish and Spinach, after two weeks of ensuring that these vegetables were part of my daily intake I began to feel better within myself, I notice that the constant migraine that I use to have become less frequent and I was sleeping better that I had before.

The next stage was turning to fruits, each day I would eat, a banana, an apple and a peach, in fact any fruit that was available I would purchase and eat regularly.

Along with the vegetables and fruits I would ensure that the main meal of the day would be fish and vegetables.  I have never felt so good within myself for a very long time.

I understand that everyone will eventually decide what is best for them, but having struggled with my weight I had to come up with something that was natural that I could put into my body without the added worry of side effects.  Fruits and vegetables gave me all that I needed and because they are natural products, I got the amazing benefits that they offer and most of all are not as expensive as trying other methods of dieting .


Carrot benefits

Clean your teeth, slows the aging process, rich in vitamin A which helps prevents wrinkles and acne

Radish benefits

Good for the liver and stomach, satisfies your hunger, a good appetizer, mouth and breath freshener

Spinach benefits

A powerful antioxidant, contain Lutein which can prevent cataracts, the peptides in spinach help to lower blood pressure and it as an abundance of Vitamin K