It would be naive and foolish for anyone to believe that it is not distressing for a family when a child is born with a debilitating disease.

I can understand the trauma that this could cause a family, having a granddaughter who was born with a heart condition and having to watch that child undergo open heart surgery at the tender age of 18 months was a huge traumatic event for our family.

However, if the media reports are correct the UK will be the first country to pioneer a controversial IVF technique which would see the production of embryos with DNA from three different people, in what they believe is an attempt to prevent serious genetic disorders that affect some families. This supposes process which is called a form of ‘germ-line gene therapy’ which would change the DNA of the family.

It is very important to recognize that the breakthrough in science and the medical field is responsible for saving the lives of millions of people and is not something that we can frown upon.  However, there must come a time when science and scientist draw the line against some processes.

Science is like a Pandora box once you open it there is no going back and if they become successful in this process, how long before we begin to see designer babies, and like a lot of things in our lives it will always be the affluent that profit from these so-called breakthrough in science.

Given the media report we will soon have babies born with three different types of DNA, and I wonder what that will do to law enforcement in the future who at present rely heavily on an individual DNA which is supposed to be unique to convict them should they commit a crime.  Just imagine that an individual has three different types of DNA within them how would one be able to tell if that individual did commit a crime.

My concerns and I am sure that once other had a chance to read this report they will be asking the same question, what will happen in the future when we have many individuals running around with three different types of DNA inside them.  The individuals that are pushing these processes will be long dead when the effects of their ill-thought out plan becomes a plague on society and fortunately for them they will not be around to see the devastation that their plans cause.

Irrespective of how much they may change the DNA of an individual until the day arrive when they can determine whether a human being is born with the propensity for good or evil all that they are doing is creating more problems for future generation to have to deal with.

By Sandrea: My Opinion